C.S. Fulp's  "Ego Death" Is a Dreamlike Self-Reflection


Christian Fulp, professionally known as C.S. Fulp, is no stranger to penning nostalgic indie pop songs. The Texas born, LA native makes vibrant and introspective music best defined by his warm vocal performances. C.S. Fulp is only a few songs into his catalogue, but singles such as "Basketball" and "Sunburn" are perfect introductions if you're looking to dive in. The tracks carry the same breezy, sentimental qualities, but both showcase different sides of the complex songwriter.  

Now C.S. Fulp is back with his newest single, appropriately titled "Ego Death."  “‘Ego Death’ is about the struggle of moving on after a relationship and finding healing independently. It describes the journey of realizing that loving someone doesn't always mean ending up with them and learning to shed your ego and false sense of control over someone else's emotions,” C.S. Fulp explains.

The track features an ethereal and dreamlike instrumental, with Fulp's songwriting once again stealing the show. "Ego Death" solidifies C.S. Fulp as one of the most exciting new songwriters in indie-pop.

Listen to  "Ego Death" below:

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