James Supercave Will Delight Indie Lovers with  'Alarm Will Sound' EP


Though the name might sound like a niche comic book hero, James Supercave  is one of LA's finest indie outfits. We've been following the trio on the guitar-studded journey to their EP, Alarm Will Sound, our anticipation mounting with each new single release. "Come Alone," "Something To Lose," and "Fools" proved to be three promising snippets of the full project, and though we can't say we're surprised, Alarm Will Sound is a psychedelically-tinged delight. Buckle up, it's time to enter the Supercave.

The EP begins with the title track, immediately pinging a familiar feel with Arctic Monkeys-style vocal drawl. The song is a gold mine, chipping further into glittering musical moments as the track commences. Choppy guitar chugs, ethereal tinkling effects and a signature falsetto chorus reveal themselves slowly and layer to create a unique listening experience.

"Come Alone" comes next, rising from a radio-quality intro into full sound. Simple lyrics in the chorus are followed by a gritty guitar riff. The lyrics cut through the track, saying,

"You figure out the world, how it turns, don't tell us how it ends. I don't need to know what's coming, the future's innocent. All I need to know, can you fit in without your friends?"

"Fools" comes in hot with deep electric bass, catapulting into the track with vigor. This one highlights James Supercave's playful nature, with raw vocals delivered almost as spoken word at points. It escalates at the end as vocals, instrumentation and an army of reverb come together to create a textural sound, ending abruptly and leaving the listener with no choice but to play the song again.

The next track, "Something To Lose" softens a bit, with gentle vocal chops at the beginning almost mimicking that of crying. The lyrics outline the kind of chance encounter that knocks the wind out of you, saying,

_"Are you here alone? You got eyes on the exit sign. Do you wanna go? I can't let you leave me behind." _

"Something To Lose" still has crankability, but showcases a more tender side of James Supercave. "K Town" is a moment in time. The interlude features a fading instrumental, complete with piano bench creaks, echoey footsteps and street noise. A palette cleanser of sorts, this short song offers a moment of vulnerability and reflection toward the rest of the tracks on the EP. Finally, "Clued Up" ends the collection with strength and is demonstrative of what James Supercave does best.

Want to see James Supercave live? They'll be gracing the stage of The Troubadour on Jan. 26, get your tickets now. In the meantime, listen to the full Sound The Alarm EP below!

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