16-Year-Old Phenom Alfie Templeman Showcases His Promise in ‘Don’t Go Wasting Time’


Photo: Blackksocks

16 is a weird age for most people. Awkward growth spurts, high school dances, and Fortnite are a handful of things to be juggling as things are changing faster than ever. For Alfie Templeman, year 16 is just a little bit different. For the self-taught drummer, bassist, guitarist, producer, singer, and songwriter, being 16 looks like wrapping up a UK tour with Gus Dapperton and releasing a third EP. With his most recent EP, Don't Go Wasting Time, Templeman continues to back up his already growing list of accolades and contributes several standout tracks in the process.

Hailing from Bedfordshire, England, Templeman has long surpassed the local scene and is already a growing name in the music industry. The touted bedroom pop rising star has been recognized as a Youtube Foundry artist, proceeding the likes of Dua Lipa and Rosalía, and as a featured artist for Apple's #shotoniphone campaign. With the buzz already stirring, the young Englishman's most recent debut is sure to exponentially increase the size of the already churning waves. 

Templeman's sound on Don't Go Wasting Time combines elements from a range of his contemporaries, more specifically the production elements of Still Woozy, vocals echoing the elements of his past tourmate Dapperton, and sun-soaked songwriting reminiscent of Rex Orange County. Even with this union of sound, Templeman is still able to retain his own personal take on indie pop.

Don't Go Wasting Time features several standout moments, such as the tracks, "Used to Love," "Movies," and "Lean on My Shoulder." "Used to Love" is a smooth take on trying to harness a lost feeling from a broken relationship. Templeman echoes throughout the track, "I just wanna feel /  Something that I used to love" over a rhythmic and moving bassline, psychedelic guitar chords, and programmed high hats and kicks that give the track bounce. The vocals on the track are complemented by faint background harmonies that give the affair a dreamy sensation, unconventional yet charming. 

With the last track on the EP, "Lean on My Shoulder," Templeman brings forward an extremely groovy take on youthful romance. With production that feverishly combines futuristic sounding synths, smooth guitar, and thudding drums, Templeman somehow takes the chaotic combination of sound and crafts a clean track sure to make you dance. With an undeniably catchy chorus, Templeman beckons, "We can dance all night / If the music's alright with you," leaving the listener holding onto the phrase as you follow his heed out onto the dancefloor. 

Overall, Templeman's Don't Go Wasting Time is a joyous showing of the up-and-coming artist's promise. At just 16 and with such obvious talent, it won't be long before Templeman is indie music's latest star child. 

Listen to Don't Go Wasting My Time below: