Anna of the North Is an Empowered Ice Cream Empress in “Thank Me Later” Video


After dazzling fans, new and old alike, with her third electrifying single of 2019, "Thank Me Later," Anna of the North is back with a music video that looks so delicious we wish we could eat it. The Norwegian starlet poses as a playful puppeteer in a small-town diner, dropping rings into salads and knocking waiters' coffee pots over. Later, she finds her perfect match in an anthropomorphic ice cream cone to whom she plays sugar mama. Mind you, this all takes place while she sings about the delicacies and luxuries she might shower down on him. 

At first glance, the sugary visuals and brightly-colored aesthetic may seem like nothing but a light-hearted storyline to complement the shimmering electro-pop anthem, but dig deeper and you'll soon discover that Anna of the North had a deliberate intention about the message she wanted to send. Anna of the North spoke on the single, sharing, 

“There are so many songs where women get objectified and controlled by a powerful and rich man and made out to be all sexy and cute. I'm a frontwoman and this is a chance for me to have my own back, as well as to remind men that it's not all about money and that they can be sexy and cute too.”

With over 200 million streams online and her sophomore album coming out this fall, Anna of the North has us holding our breath in anticipation of what's next for the sweet-toothed siren. 

Watch the "Thank Me Later" video below:

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