Brasstracks, Lewis Del Mar, contradash and More Artists You Should Listen To | #NowWatching


This week we celebrate the release of the duo Brasstracks' debut album Golden Ticket! They cover out playlist full of great new music from contradash, Holly Humberstone, a new album from Lewis Del Mar, Tiffany Day, and more! Stream the playlist on Spotify below. 

Brasstracks, Masego, Common - "Golden Ticket"

GRANT - "Hell Yes, I'm Betting On You"

Lewis Del Mar - "Sewers"

Kipp Stone - "Cheap Sangria"

Carlie Hanson - "Good Enough"

Tate McRae - "don't be sad"

TOBi, Juls - "Dollas and Cents"

Koren Grace - "My World"

Tuzeint - "Birdz in My Eyez"

Stephen - "Idiot"

John MacLane - "You Won't"

contradash - "petal pickin'"

Holly Humberstone - "Falling Asleep at the Wheel"

Co-Stanza - "Test the Water"

Tiffany Day - "Gonna Be Okay"

Oranj Goodman - "Purple Glitter"

Kavale - "Faith"

EARTHGANG - "Powered Up"

bloody white - "first time"

Sky McCreery - "half a heart"

Sylo Nozra - "Citrus"

Duckwrth, EARTHGANG - "Super Bounce"

flor - "Imho"

Arlo Parks - "Hurt"

Amilli - "Green Eyes"

LLusion, Cautious Clay, HXNS - "Sad4Good"

Ginger Root - "Le Chateau"

Dana Williams - "Stuff"

Glded - "Waiting Up"

Dekleyn - "What We Could Be"