Charlotte Lawrence Comes to Terms With Heartbreak in “Slow Motion”


Photo: Tyler Shields

To Charlotte Lawrence, making pop with a dark edge comes naturally. The Los Angeles-based artist will be the first to admit that she finds it easier to write songs born out of sadness, or that "it's so cool to have an upbeat song with dark lyrics."

It can be seen in her breakout hit "Sleeptalking," an infectious recollection of a partner who, in their sleep, let it slip that they were cheating, and in "God Must Be Doing Cocaine," a sardonic dialogue on society's failings. Lawrence continues to showcase the depth of her "pop with a dark edge" in the otherworldly "Slow Motion."  

"Slow Motion" follows "Joke's On You," which, alongside tracks from Doja Cat, Halsey, Summer Walker, and more, appeared on the star-studded and female-powered Birds of Prey soundtrack. The new single from Lawrence is an ethereal waltz of heartbreak, lingering feelings, and eventual acceptance.

Produced by Andrew Watt and Jason Evigan, "Slow Motion" finds an enthralling power in its gorgeous rolling beats and Lawrence's angelic, nearly-hushed musings. The three-minute track sweeps over you, enveloping you in the profound display of vulnerability. As Lawrence recounts her relationship's failings and admits to being unable to truly ever hate her ex, in spite of everything, there is a note of transcendence to the light-as-air ballad.

In its final moments, Lawrence comes to terms with moving on, at her own pace. "I know I'll be moving on / In slow motion," she coos beneath a slight vibrato. The effect is heavenly, bringing to life to a moment of resounding shared empathy and the promise of a veritable heart-rending pop star.  

Listen to "Slow Motion" below: