Viral Sensation Lil Mariko Returns With the Four Loko-Fueled “Boring”


Photo: Lil Mariko

My first memory of Four Loko is at the backyard of a high school party where a teenager tossed me a neon-flavored can and told me it was "the best thing ever." And while I'm still uncertain as to whether or not that mythical canned beverage was indeed the best thing ever to 16-year-old me (sorry, mom), I can say that I'm happy Four Loko has stuck around long enough to not only fuel my college years but, with the release of Lil Mariko's "Boring," continues to fuel my love for left field hyperpop.

Lil Mariko's "Boring" was written to launch Four Loko Records, which may just be the wildest sentence I've written this year. You may recognize Lil Mariko as the artist behind the viral hit, "Where's My Juul??," which is an iconic piece of performance art that blurs the line between meme music and avant-garde commentary of vape culture. Combining elements of hyperpop, hip-hop, and screamo, the breakout single established the Internet-bred artist as a force to be reckoned with at your own peril.

Before we dive headfirst into Lil Mariko's latest tour de force, let's talk about Four Loko's bold move of launching a record label. "Four Loko as a brand has always leaned into the unconventional,“ shares Samantha Catalina, Four Loko’s VP of marketing, in a press statement, continuing, "Four Loko Records gives us the opportunity to bring new fresh music from artists that create outside the traditional standards of the music industry. Legends are born out of underground and indie scenes and we are excited to be a part of that."

And what a legend Lil Mariko is. "Boring" is a rapturous ode to anyone who just can't be bothered to even pretend to give a fuck. Over a barrage of blown-out production, Lil Mariko delivers a blasé series of cutthroat declarations before eventually devolving into a guttural screamo barrage. The result is a track whose frenetic energy never quite lets up, leaving its foot fairly cemented on the gas from start to finish. 

You may find yourself what was Lil Mariko's goal in making "Boring?" Well, to quote Lil Mariko, "I wanted to make this song sound like a Four Loko can was screaming at you.” If that wasn't enough, the accompanying video sees Lil Mariko going on the Tinder date from hell aka dating someone who is into sports.

Watch the "Boring" video below: