Daren Transforms an Uncomfortable Conversation Into the Infectious "I'm Right You're Wrong"


A global pandemic. Kanye West running for president. The largest civil rights movement in history. 2020 is nothing if not a year of navigating uncertainty and difficult conversations. It is this sentiment that builds the foundation for Daren's heartfelt track, "I'm Right You're Wrong."

Like most good things to emerge from 2020, from BENEE to political activism, "I'm Right You're Wrong" was birthed from the endless scroll of TikTok. The original video sees the independent alt-pop artist laying out a makeshift blueprint for how the song came to be.


I had a two hour phone call with my white father about black lives matter and it was terrible. But I'm glad I tried. ##fyp ##blacklivesmatter

♬ I’m Right You’re Wrong - Daren

Inspired by an uncomfortable and unfruitful two-hour conversation, regarding Black Lives Matter and white privilege, with his absentee Father, Daren found himself transposing the learning experience into song. The result is an instantaneously infectious indie jam that is already becoming a micro hit on the platform.

Built around the simple conceit that while yes, now more than ever, we need to be having difficult conversations, there are times where you simply have to step away from the situation for your own mental health. This takes form in the simple yet poignant hook of "I'm right / You're Wrong / We don't have to talk this long." The lyrics soon take on air of an empowering mantra, serving as a reminder that not all fights are worth seeing through to their bitter end.

The impact of  "I'm Right You're Wrong" reminder is not lost on the creator, Daren, either, who in response to the success of the single had the following to say in a heartfelt Instagram post,

"This has been the craziest month of my life. I've found out the true importance of fighting for what's right. I've thrown myself into over ten protest feeling the pain/love in the blm movement. I spoke to my father on the phone trying my best to help him understand his privilege. I made a song about that experience and it got nearly 500k views in just a couple days. With that same song we've raised over $800 all of which will go to a charity that supports BLM. And now to top it all off that same song is now on all streaming platforms. I hope it resonates with you. I hope you're using your voice. I hope you're fighting for the good. I hope this song eases any discomfort you might be feeling. Thanks for all the love it's been wild."

Listen to "I'm Right You're Wrong" below:

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