Remi Wolf, Dominic Fike, UMI, and More Artists You Should Listen to Now | #NowWatching

It's Friday, so that means we have a new edition of our weekly playlist. From Remi Wolf's upbeat bops, to downtempo R&B from UMI, to Dominic Fike showcasing his anti-pop sensibility, this week has something for everyone. In honor of Global Pride tomorrow, we've also included music from some of our favorite LGBTQ artists.    

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Remi Wolf -  "Hello Hello Hello"

Peach Tree Rascals -  "Deer"

Jean Dawson -  "CLEAR BONES"

Dominic Fike -  "Chicken Tenders"

UMI -  "Broken Bottle"

Carlie Hanson -  "Stealing All My Friends"

LÉON -  "And It Breaks My Heart"

Tash Sultana -  "Greed"

Donna Missal -  "How Does It Feel"

Tiffany Day -  "REVENGE"

Ella Vos -  "State of Emotion"

grandson -  "Identity"

LEISURE -  "Slipping Away"

chloe moriondo -  "Manta Rays"

Rhys Lewis -  "No Right To Love You"

Abhi the Nomad -  "Risky Business"

tobi lou -  "Neither Here Nor There"

Rence -  "Sometimes Things Just Fall Apart"

Shay Lia -  "All Up To You"

Ginger Root -  "Out of State"

Jack Harlow -  "Whats Poppin" (remix)

Mei River -  "A Story About Getting Lost"

Emma Zander -  "America's Favorite Tranquilizer"

seeyousoon -  "Shut Up"

Joel Blackmon -  "Morning"

St. Panther -  "These Days"

Hojean -  "Hookup Culture"

Park Hye Jin -  "Like This"

Ralph Castelli -  "Bends"

Sam McPherson -  "No Bad Memories"

Tatiana Hazel -  "Carmen Sandiego"

6LACK -  "Know My Rights"

Alec Wigdahl -  "Lipstick"

Doe Paoro -  "Universe Promises"

Tangina Stone -  "Clean It Up"

Jack Grace -  "A Ribbon"

ALMA -  "Bad News Baby - Acoustic"

Julius -  "poison"

ADMT -  "Good For You"

Chelsea Cutler -  "Crazier Things"

The Elwins -  "Weight of the World"

Brandon -  "Elastic"

Sarah Barrios -  "Love Songs"

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