Rex Orange County Returns with Insightful and Reflective "10/10″


Indie hit man Rex Orange County follows up a long year of touring and growth with a brand new single, "10/10."  

The 21-year-old artist from England, has entirely taken the indie world by storm over the last few years. His features on Tyler the Creator's Flower Boy, along with his jazzy and soulful  Apricot Princess  album, made Rex Orange County the biggest indie name since Mac DeMarco.

With all of this attention also came jaw-dropping performances at festivals such as Camp Flog Gnaw, and more recently Glastonbury. However, it also came with the drastic change in lifestyle and the comments, in the millions, from fans telling the already-pressured artist to release more music.

With singles such as "New House" and "Loving is Easy," Rex was able to keep his fans satisfied through the drought, but he now has been teasing his third album, tweeting out "REX3" and releasing the first single, "10/10."


"10/10″ is by far the most insightful track on the budding star's mindset, as his life has been entirely flipped upside down in the last few years. Rex reflects on the unhappiness he's had to overcome and the noise he has had to reflect in order to stay true to himself. On the track, he displays how he yearns to be home, is unable to be with his oldest friends, and just how poorly the last year has treated him.

Rex also recognizes that he is looking to make positive influences in the upcoming year as he looks to: cut out the unnecessary, cherish those close to him, and simply allow himself to live. This amount of personal reflection is lovely to see and based on the content of the track, fans are in for a beautiful upcoming album.

The single was released with a music video entirely representative of the theme, as Rex literally finds solace in his music, tuning out the outside noise in his own home, in favor of singing and playing some keys. However, the second the headphones come off, the noise returns yet again and pulls Rex away from the world he found comfort in.  

As an artist, the video is Rex's best to date, which is all a listener can ask for. If expectations weren't already high enough, this music video sets the stage for what may very well propel Rex to an even brighter spotlight, one that will allow him to take over the mainstream and become a household name.

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