Whethan and Jeremih’s “Let Me Take You” Is the Collab You Never Knew You Needed


Whethan has never been an artist to shy away from career-defining collaborations. The 19-year-old producing wunderkind has worked with everyone from Dua Lipa, HONNE, Oh Wonder, to even Irish art-pop artist SOAK. Yet, it might be his latest collaboration that cements the rapidly rising electronic artist as a household name.

"Let Me Take You" sees Whethan enlisting pop-R&B superstar Jeremih for a heart-racing hit. The new collaborative effort plays out at a breakneck pace and comes hot off the heels of Whethan's aforementioned collaboration with SOAK and Bearson. While we championed his past outing as an early contender for song of the summer, we certainly did not expect Whethan to give himself a run for his money. 

Whethan spoke on his jaw-dropping new collaboration, 

“I had been sitting on this track with Jeremih for a while now and explored every possible version of the song before landing on this one. I’ve been really inspired by a lot of house music and wanted to find a way to bring that into my world. It was important to me that I made something that people could really dance too. This is probably my favorite track to date and I’m just excited to show my fans where the future of my music is headed.”

Pairing the producing wunderkind's intrinsic gift for infectious experimental production, albeit with a slight house bend this time around, with Jeremih's trademark sultry vocal delivery, "Let Me Take You" would find itself perfectly at home on any dancefloor around the world. From the enveloping surges in production that hit you like a rush of adrenaline straight to heart to the way in which Whethan so seamlessly brings Jeremih into his world, every element of "Let Me Take You" serves as an avid reminder as to why Whethan is dance music's future.

Listen to "Let Me Take You" below:

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