Bonnaroo 2019: 10 Ones to Catch (Who Aren't Childish Gambino or Post Malone)


In a matter of a few short days, the sounds of music and ecstatic festival-goers will fill the air of Great Stage Park in Manchester, Tennessee, as Bonnaroo delivers what is sure to be another year to remember. With performances from the likes of legendary jam band Phish, Cardi B, Childish Gambino, The Lonely Island, and so much more, we cannot wait to once again find ourselves confusing one stage name for the other.  

With that being said, there is one fact you certainly should not be confused about and that is which up-and-coming artists you need to catch at Bonnaroo this year. For our full list of not-to-be-missed sets, check below and be sure to listen to our curated playlist to familiarize yourself with all ten of our ones to catch at Bonnaroo 2019.

Faye Webster

When & Where: Sunday, 12:45pm at This Tent

There is no separating Faye Webster from her art. "I have to write about very personal things for me to even to want to write," the 21-year-old Atlanta, Georgia, native confesses when speaking on her now critically-acclaimed album  Atlanta Millionaires Club. It is a praiseworthy album for many reasons and one you certainly need to hear live. From existing as a mesmerizing blend of alternative country and R&B to painting a deeply personal account of Webster as an artist and human with its storytelling-like approach to songwriting, this Atlanta native is irrefutably one to watch in the future and one to catch at Bonnaroo.  

Jack Harlow

When & Where: Thursday, 5:45pm at This Tent

Louisville, Kentucky, hip-hop artist Jack Harlow feels poised for rap stardom. With a wholly infectious Southern drawl that builds the foundation for his laidback flow, there is an effortless warmth to Harlow's distinctive hip-hop stylings. It is a unique gift and flair the Louisville rapper flexes time and time again in his major label debut mixtape Loose, and whether he uses that gift to reference his New Balances or reference the Frankie Muniz - led move Agent Cody Banks, Harlow never fails to deliver an indispensable vibe.  


When & Where: Thursday, 9:30 at Who Stage

You need to look no further than bülow for tomorrow's pop star. First coming to prominence with her 2017 breakout single "Not A Love Song," the Germany-born artist burst onto the scene as a fresh and innovative voice in the realm of lovelorn and lovesick pop anthems. And in the span of less than two years since making her impeccable debut, bülow has racked up plays totaling over a hundred million and currently finds herself on tour with fellow pop phenom Lauv. As if that was not enough, she also dropped one of the best projects of 2019.


When & Where:  Saturday, 8:30pm at Who Stage

liily is on the cusp of a DIY rock revolution. The project of four Los Angeles teenagers, liily is providing a safe space for fans of rock, new and old alike, to lose themselves in an ensuing mosh pit and a deluge of exhilarating electric guitars. There is crazed frenetic energy that bleeds forth from liily's nostalgic yet inventive sonic meditations, which can be heard both in their debut EP,  I Can Fool Anybody in This Town, and their heart-racing live show. Do yourself a favor and do not miss the beginning of this revolution.


Delacey may have only one single to her name but her promise is limitless. The 26-year-old California native grew up listening to her father's record collection, finding inspiration in the likes of Billie Holiday and Stevie Nicks. Today, Delacey stands as a timeless voice in the realm of blues-minded pop, delivering a smoke-room filled vibe and arresting voice in the vein of Amy Winehouse. This is the first chapter of a voice poised to go down in history, and Bonnaroo will mark one of the first of many festival stages to come for this star to be.


When & Where: Sunday, 5:15pm at Who Stage

I DONT KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME, popularly shortened to iDKHOW, is keeping the dream of scene kids alive everywhere. Blending macabre, tongue-in-cheek lyrics with euphoric bouts of electrifying pop-rock, the Salt Lake City duo is making a stir in the alternative music scene and beyond. With only a single EP to their name, 2018's 1981 Extended Play, Bonnaroo will give us what we and fans have been clamoring for for far too long - the chance to hear new music from iDKHOW.

Peach Pit

When & Where: Thursday, 3:30pm at That Tent

If the crawl of summer had a sound, we imagine it would sound a little something like Peach Pit. The Vancouver-based indie rock outfit combines the lackadaisical vibe of endless summer days with a healthy helping of teenage angst for fair measure. It is the sort of everlasting music that instantly transports you to lazily enjoying your suburban youth, whether you may have actually lived such an experience or not. Trust us when we say that you will not want to miss out on this vibe quite like no other.

Hobo Johnson & The Lovemakers

When & Where: Sunday, 3:30pm at Which Stage

Like the doting parents we are, it brings us nothing but joy to watch Hobo Johnson & The Lovemakers go from absolutely crushing it on their Ones To Watch - presented tour to preparing for what is sure to be a not-to-be-miss set at one of the biggest music festivals in America. With a foot in both the world of frenetic spoken word hip-hop and alternative rock, a Hobo Johnson & The Lovemakers' show is bound to be quite like anything else you will see all weekend. So, grab a peach scone and a friend, and check out the astounding world of Hobo Johnson & The Lovemakers.


When & Where:  Thursday, 7:45 at Who Stage

Mk.Gee may just be the only artist on this list who can claim a Frank Ocean cosign, and upon a single listen to any track from either of his funk-driven projects, it is clear as day as to why. The dreamy project of Michael Gordon, Mk.Gee makes dance music for the soul. Calling to mind the groove-inducing, dance floor meditations of Toro y Moi, Mk.Gee weaves together elements of jazz, funk, electronica, R&B, and pop with an unprecedented creative flourish, bringing to life a sound that is entirely his own.


When & Where: Saturday,  12:20am at This Tent

In many ways, Clairo is what a pop star looks like in 2019. From first breaking onto the scene with the self-released and produced lo-fi bedroom number "Pretty Girl" to then playing festivals across the world, witnessing the monumental growth of the bedroom pop artist has been anything but a bore. And with the release of her latest single, "Bags," Clairo is ushering in the next chapter of her life. Currently working towards her long-awaited debut album Immunity, Bonnaroo will be one of the first places to hear some of it live.

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