12 Fire Artists to Worship This Leo Season


Cancer season is over  and it's time to emerge from this emotion-filled past month with our heads held high as the sun transitions into Leo AKA its ruling planet. From July 23 to August 22, get ready for a great shift of energy - it's time to express yourself freely, follow your heart, and allow yourself to be happy. Whether Leos are laughing at their own jokes, enjoying being the favorite in many situations, threatening to hurt anyone who messes with their friends, or online shopping, we can't help but love these fiery, warm-hearted, passionate, and stubborn lions of the zodiac.

The energy is here, the drama is in the air, and this is a reminder to check yourself this season: Is __ actually that important or are you just being dramatic? Mercury's retrograde ends on July 31, opening the door to improved communication in our relationships. We might also witness some drama in the first week or two of August as Mercury enters Leo on August 11 until the 15th, paired with impulsive energy in the first week of Leo season.

The new moon in Leo on August 1st might bring a surge of opportunities and passion towards love and money, with added influence by Mars and Venus, so grab ahold of these moments and indulge.  

Careers that allow for free, artistic expression of oneself is super important for a lot of Leos, so it's no surprise that this group of fire signs have had success in building their careers in music. Let's dive into 13 ambitious Leo artists who you should celebrate this astrological season.

Finneas - Born on July 30, 1997

Leo's have a very strong sense of community, and care very deeply about their family and friends and singer, songwriter, and producer Finneas exemplifies those traits. Having produced and co-written music for his sister (who is also a fire sign), and toured with her, Finneas proves that he's just a guy who cares strongly about those close to him, which also rings true when listening to his heartfelt lyrics.

Charli XCX - Born on August 2, 1992

British pop star Charli XCX is unstoppable. Even if you didn't know she is a Leo, it wouldn't be hard to guess she is a fire sign. Leo's aren't afraid to be in the spotlight, and they actually thrive off of attention. Every day, Charli XCX's powers grow stronger, and we're here for it. Her new album, Charli, which is set to come out next month will even feature fellow Leo Clairo!  

Yungblud - Born on August 5, 1998

This Leo is theatrical, highly energetic, and endlessly passionate about his vision. YUNGBLUD  is someone you can't easily forget, like a successful Leo. He is "a fookin Leo" to a T. The English singer never holds back on his guitar-heavy, rhythm-driven rock hip-hop sound. He's rebellious, filled with raw passion, and energetic; and so is his music. His individuality rings through his genre-bending sound, like a true, proud Leo.

Shawn Mendes - Born on August 8, 1998

When you think about Shawn Mendes, it's hard not to think about how lovable the guitar-playing, humble Canadian artist is. His songs are consistent bops in persistent Leo style, and he's unafraid to shift his sound as he wants. Shawn Mendes is incredibly passionate about making music that he likes, and throughout his career has developed a strong, very passionate army of fans.

And I guess he even had a plushy lion growing up named Leo (coincidence?!?), and you can actually buy a replica of his childhood stuffed lion here if you're so inclined.

Tierra Whack - Born on August 11, 1995

Tierra Whack is vivacious and unafraid to celebrate herself like a strong Leo. She speaks her truth, and knows that "Leo's rule the world." Leos are unafraid of having egos and are proud of their accomplishments and the road that led them there. The Philadelphia native is the embodiment of a true Leo. She's theatrical. She's dominant. Her contemporary R&B style is unique, creative, and filled with her own individual style.

Alejandro Aranda AKA Scarypoolparty - Born on August 11, 1994

Alejandro Aranda AKA Scarypoolparty is a creative, warmhearted, and ambitious Leo. After gaining attention and followers after participating on season 17 of American Idol, wooing the likes of Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan; LA-based singer/songwriter/guitarist Aranda worked on defining who he wants to be as a musician. Post American Idol, he picked up the moniker Scarypoolparty and hasn't looked back often. He knows what he wants, like a true Leo, and is unafraid to take risks in order to succeed.

Lennon Stella - Born on August 13, 1999

This Canadian Leo is endlessly glamorous and fearlessly optimistic. Lennon Stella's career kicked off on Youtube, where she posted videos with her younger sister that accumulated millions of streams. This Leo knew she had talent at a young age, and has created a name for herself despite only turning 20-years-old in August. Her upbeat sound, accompanied with her velvety vocals and  synthy, pop production, make her music addictive.

Greyson Chance - Born on August 16, 1997

Greyson Chance knows who he is and he's not afraid of showing it. The Oklahoma-raised pop artist is a natural born leader who makes damn good music. He found great success at a very young age on Youtube when his performance of Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” at a talent show went viral, which led him into the spotlight. He later left the music scene and spent time at University, studying and rediscovering his love for music. So, like the Leo he is, he then came back into the music scene, releasing heartfelt indie/pop synth-filled sad bangers.

Clairo - Born on August 18, 1998

DIY music can be very Leo, and Clairo is the DIY bedroom pop queen. From posting warmhearted desktop cam music videos on Youtube to releasing sweet, simple tracks on Soundcloud, Clairo's humble roots show the hard work she has put in to get to where she is now. This loveable Leo is just doing her own thing. Her sound is constantly maturing and changing, and has come a long way since singing about "Flamin Hot Cheetos" in her bedroom.

Kacey Musgraves - Born on August 21, 1988

Leos are here for a good time, and what's a better time than listening to Kacey Musgraves?!? This ambitious, successful Leo, I mean her 2018 album Golden Hour  won Album Of The Year for crying out loud, and three other GRAMMY Awards on top of that, manifests big Leo energy. Kacey Musgraves has an addictive country sound that can stop people in their tracks. She knows she has talent, and she knows her worth, and encourages others to be comfortable and proud with themselves.

Jesse Rutherford - Born on August 21, 1991

Jesse Rutherford, the frontman of the R&B influenced alt-rock group The Neighbourhood, is one stylish Leo. The singer is mostly known for his fashion sense and unforgettable blend of R&B and rock-fueled vocals. He's a theatrical Leo in the sense that he looks and acts like the rock star that he is. He also has a flair for designer brands, which Leo's sometimes can't help but dip their toes (or whole body) in.

Dua Lipa - Born on August 22, 1995

Like the fabulous, ever-glowing British vocalist/songwriter Dua Lipa once said, "LEO SEASON IS ALIVE AND THRIVING." Leos are self-expressive and unafraid to hold back, just like Dua Lipa is with her music. Her emergence into the music scene was explosive, gaining attention from Lana Del Rey's management team at a young age, signing her to Warner Music Group. After a few years of making music, turned from a rising pop artist in 2016 to a certified pop star in the following year, which later birthed "New Rules," what some might say was the soundtrack of 2017. This Leo (and Ones to Watch alumni) has established herself as a prominent voice in the pop community, and is one you can not overlook.

Since astrology doesn't stop at knowing what your star sign is, you can check out Dua Lipa's full chart here.  

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